updated: 17-10-2013

Other Ranges -

J.A. Zähringer stock many other collectable ranges - if you can't see what you are looking for, call us on 0117 960 2724 or email us at enquiries@jazahringer.co.uk.

Hummel Figures
Since MI Hummel figurines first appeared in the 1930's millions of people all over the world have succumbed to their charm. The enduring appeal is a result of a unique collaboration between Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel and the artisans at the W. Goebel factory in Bavaria. We are the best stockist in the area, with the largest display of Hummel figurines. Each year we have a Hummel Master Painter come to visit the shop where pieces can be signed over the two days.

Stuart Crystal
We stock a wide range from Stuart Crystal so no matter what piece you are after, please ask us and we should be able to help. Now part of the Waterford Group, Stuart is still a highly recognised brand. Our range includes stemware, popular with the brides, and giftware.

Piggin by Collectable World
Piggin’ is the creation of wildlife enthusiast and artist David Corbridge. He has had a lifelong interest in animals and spends much of his time sketching them all over the world. While living on a farm in the deepest wilds of North Yorkshire, he was inspired by the carryings on of one of the farm’s pigs, and Piggin’ was born. David has now sculpted over 200 Piggin’ pieces, as well as the ranges of Piggin’ Celebrations, and the new Piggin' Professionals which were launched in April 2002.

Pocket Dragons
These are "mischievous little green dragons that nest in the pockets of old English tweed jackets and delight in stealing cookies from the Wizard's cookie jar. But more than that, they represent those people and pets in our lives who fill our hearts with joy and laughter. They are everyday expressions, wrapped in green magic... with wings." We carry an assortment of figurines and giftware.

The Wedgwood name has symbolised beauty and fine craftsmanship for over 240 years. At Wedgwood the belief is that they have something for each mood, whether your preference is for the timelessly classic, the boldly contemporary or the elegantly traditional. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Established in 196l at Wick in Scotland's far north, Caithness is now recognised as the world leader at making crystal paperweights. Still using traditional methods as well as embracing new technology, the skilled craftspeople are producing beautiful handmade glass objects. What could be more perfect for collecting or gifting for all occasions.

Lilliput Lane Cottages
Founded by David Tate in 1982, Lilliput is still based in Cumbria. From humble beginnings Lilliput has grown to be world leaders in producing miniature cottages. Year on year the sculpting detail seems to improve - just when you think it cannot get any better! We carry the majority of the range in stock all year round.

Royal Albert
Royal Albert, part of the Royal Doulton group, is most famous for its Old Country Roses range of Fine Bone China. Quintessentially English, this pattern is still recognised the world over and still remains the one Bone China tableware pattern which has sold more pieces than any other.

Nao, by Lladro creations, offers living proof that happiness will light up our lives if we make the effort to express our feelings in tokens of love and affection. Skilled at showing such moments in genuine porcelain, Nao by Lladro artists use the delicacy of this material to portray tender scenes intended to accompany us forever.