updated: 17-10-2013

Masons - Limited Editions

Miles Mason was born in 1752 in London where he built a successful career importing and retailing Oriental wares.

In 1796 he started to manufacture, setting up a partnership that would end just four years later. Miles Mason's business prospered, producing table sets which reflected his knowledge of Oriental pottery.
Miles Mason took his sons into the business finally retiring in 1813. George Miles Mason, the 2nd son, possessed great artistic flair, whereas his younger brother Charles was more technically minded. Together they developed the Mason's we know today, creating stunning effects using gold and bold colours.

In 1848 the patterns and moulds were taken over by Francis Morley, who moved production to his works at Broad Street, Hanley, Staffordshire. There it remains today.
We have stocked Manson's at J A Zahringer for over 15 years, and if you do not see the a piece listed we will do our best to help.
Blue Mandalay Dragon Essence Jar
£ 263.00
£ 210.40
Blue Mandalay Pumkin Turren
£ 315.00
£ 252.00